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18 itineraries among history, art and nature
Here follows a selection of 18 walks in the province of Como. They lead either along the old connection paths which run along the lake, or through the woody hills with their rural settlements, or to the more panoramic heights of the mountains along Lake Como. Each itinerary has its own character with historical, artistic and natural features to explore. Most of the them are easy to walk, some are more demanding. The starting points are all accessible by public transportation.

From Pigra to ColonnoDownload PDF 719.17 KB
The GreenwayDownload PDF 479.61 KB
San MartinoDownload PDF 843.77 KB
Rifugio Menaggio, Balcony on Lake ComoDownload PDF 916.72 KB
From Parco Val Sanagra to the Nature Reserve Lago di PianoDownload PDF 2.34 MB
Rifugio Croce di CampoDownload PDF 825.41 KB
From Cavargna to San LucioDownload PDF 882.81 KB
Circular walk in ValsoldaDownload PDF 769.63 KB
On the Antica Strada Regina from Menaggio to RezzonicoDownload PDF 1.09 MB
From Rezzonico to DongoDownload PDF 1.80 MB
From Gravedona to DomasoDownload PDF 747.21 KB
From Domaso to Gera LarioDownload PDF 1.09 MB
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