Antica Strada Regina

The Via Regina is an ancient route, running along the entire western shore of Lake Como. The extremely ancient pathways, signposted halfway up the mountain slope, were unified and rebuilt by the Romans who gave this new route the name, Via Regia, which means mainroad, afterwards changed to Via Regina, after the passage of the Longobard Queen Teodolinda. For centuries the Via Regina has been the connecting route between North and South of the Alps, between Como and Milan and the transalpine regions, across the Spluga and Maloja Pass; a travel and business route, where armies and travellers passed on a route that became an intense place of cultural exchange. With time the Strada Regina has witnessed the flourishing of many village, bit by bit enriched with artistic heritage. Today, the a large part of the ancient road is still walkable on foot and runs parallel or above to
the state road 340, which is still named Strada Regina, still maintaining some of its past characteristics. Where the ancient route has been taken over by the main State road or where stretches because of heavy urbinastion, have become unatractive, nice alternative routes are offered. Walkers appreciate the pathway on the northern part of the lake, especially the part where Nobiallo meets Rezzonico.

On the traces of the Antica Strada Regina
On the Antica Strada Regina from Colonno to CadenabbiaDownload PDF 479.61 KB
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