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Sentiero degli olivi

Less known paths that deserves to be discovered for their beautiful views.
The slopes of the coastal area of Oliveto Lario, which extends for about 8 km on the west bank of the Lecco branch, represents the eastern ridge of the  "Triangolo Lariano" (Larian Triangle). The zone is mainly composed of dolomite rocks, it starts from the upper part of Bellagio and shapes the range of Mountain Nuvolone till  Onno, through the Castel di Leves. These mainly limestone and limestone / dolomite rocks appear in massive banks that create caverns, sinkholes and underground flows as a consequence of phenomenons of karstification. Remarkable are the caves of Noca (between the path number 3 and the country road that leads to Valbrona), the cave  of Asee (nearby the paths number  5 and 12), the cave of the Madonna delle Selve (near the path number 12) and the Castel di Leves buildings (nearby the path number 6).
Erratic rocks are scattered all over the territory (famous is the one above Limonta, on path number 25 which was used to build a grave in the Romans era).
The vegetation is very varied: going up the paths the olive trees give way to mostly copse forests: chestnuts, hazels, hornbeams, oaks, birches, beeches trees etc. spaced out in the flatter zones with meadows and pastures that in the past were really well-kept for their importance in the economy.


The paths of the olive trees coast

N. Path Path Time Difficulty
Paths from Onno  
N. 1 Onno – Conca di Crezzo - Rif. La Madonnina 1h e 40' EE
N. 3 Onno – San Giorgio – Crezzo 3h EE
N. 5-6 Onno – Alpetto – Madonna del Ghisallo 3-3h 30' E-EE
N. 7 Onno – Conca di Crezzo (Via Biancabella) 2h 30' E-EE
Paths from Vassena  
N. 12 Vassena – Madonna delle Selve 30' T
N. 14 Vassena – Madonna del Ghisallo – Magreglio 1h T
N. 16 Vassena – Civenna 1h E
N. 18 Vassena – Sumpiazzo – Civenna 2h E
Paths from Limonta  
N. 21 Limonta – Civenna (Via Dei Monti) 1h T
N. 23 Limonta – Limontasca – Guello 1h 30' T
N. 25 Limonta – Guello 1h 30' E
N. 27 Limonta - Chevrio – Makallè 2h E


Province of Lecco - Sentiero degli Olivi (italian only)