The Resegone is the most famous mountain in the Lecco region with its highest peak - called Cermenati - standing at 1.875 m in height. Celebrated by both Manzoni in his novel “The Betrothed” and by Carducci in “Canzone di Legnano” (Song of Legnano), its name refers to its legendary nine peaks which resemble a saw or “resega” in the dialect spoken in Lecco.
The mountain is highly visible and easily recognisable from afar because of its profile and can be admired from beyond Milan and Como on clear days. Trekkers have a choice of planning and setting out on their excursions from one of its three sides: Lecco, Morterone
and Erve. All three sides are equally beautiful, and all offer a wide variety of unique routes, ranging from simple beginner-level tracks to more difficult paths and via ferratas. Experts can also enjoy numerous cliffs equipped for mountain climbing.
The view from the peak of Mount Resegone is both exceptional and truly inimitable, spanning from the Grigne and Lariane Alps to the North - with the Val Masino mountains and its famous Badile Peak and Mount Disgrazia beyond them - to the Brianza lakes
to the West, the Mount Bianco, the Mount Rosa, the Cervino, the outline of the Piedmont Alps and the Monviso before extending towards the South, the plains and the Apennines and all the way East to the Alpine foothills of Bergamo

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