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Alta Valsassina

One hundred square Kilometers to be discovered an hour away from Milan


A very extended territory to be discovered that goes from the upper part of Valsassina to the border of Valvarrone and and ending up at the feet of Mount Legnone. The area includes Mount Muggio (1801 m), Mount Cimone di Margno (1799 m) and Mount Legnone (2610 m).
A unique piece of land surrounded by still unspoiled nature where hikers walk in a charming atmosphere, an alpine environment that allows to enjoy breathtaking views.
The towns located in this territory (Casargo, Crandola, Margno, Pagnona, Premana, Taceno and Vendrogno) are small industrious towns that hold traces of an ancient past, where sometimes time seems to stand still.

The area offers countless options of hikes of various difficulty that will satisfy both the most experienced hiker and the visitor that is eager to spend some time away from the traffic of the metropolis.You can choose from 9 different paths depending on the difficulty and areas of interest to find the one that best suits your needs.

For more information and to view interactive maps of the itineraries visit the website of Agenzia di Sviluppo Turistico Alta Valsassina